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A well-designed home is simple. It is well situated on the property. It takes into account things like daylight, views, and the neighborhood. The spaces all relate to one another and your movement between them feels easy and fluid. There are no blockages, cramped spaces or sharp corners. It feels supportive, nurturing, and pleasant and you feel at peace, secure, and relaxed.


I have been designing homes since I was 12 years old, when I sketched floor plans and thought about ideas such as space, color, and lighting. Now, as a professional with 25 years of experience, I create homes and spaces that are simple, functional, and beautiful and respond to your unique personal and spatial requirements.


I design everything from new construction, to renovations, to single spaces. I listen intently to you and my designs reflect what you say you desire and need in your home. I pay attention to color, space, Feng Shui, finishes, fixtures, personalities, and your budget. I delight in pleasing you and equally value the smaller jobs as well as the larger ones.



Asheville / Nashville / Atlanta / Savannah   (625) 429-6640




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