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Good interior design has its own unique style. It happens when function merges with beauty in a personal and harmonious fashion. It has a complex yet delicately balanced interweaving of color, light, space, memories, furnishings, Feng Shui, and more. It serves its function well, is beautiful, and allows you to feel free, nurtured and at home in your own space.


When the interior design of a room is in harmony with the architecture and the spaces around it, then it feels luxurious. I create interiors that feel luxurious yet simple and personal. I honor and work with the pieces that you already own and rearrange and augment them so that they are shown in the best light.


The end result is a beautiful and functional space that feels luxurious, comforting, and just the way you want it to feel.



Asheville / Nashville / Atlanta / Savannah    (615) 429-6640

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