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For the past 25 years I have enjoyed designing interiors, renovations and new homes. All along I have had the sense that each home has a “feel” to it and that the feel is comprised of a combination of things: the land, the architecture, it's inhabitants, and the look and style of the interiors. I became certified in Feng Shui in order to know how to look at all these pieces individually, and how to balance and clear space, land, and the home in order to create the best feeling environments for my clients.


When your home is in harmony, you feel free, centered, and in harmony with life. You will notice positive shifts in your feelings about relationships, career, creativity, joy, finances, support from others, clarity, energy level, health, and experience a more grounded and overall sense of well-being.


My approach is eclectic and earth centered. I practice Black Sect Buddhist Feng Shui, which incoporates many different schools of Feng Shui, such as the Form school, Compass school, and Taoism, and which incorporates knowledge of various fields such as architecture, interior design, space planning, color theory, psychology, and the healing arts to create the best possible living and working environment for an individual.



Asheville / Nashville / Atlanta / Savannah   (615) 429-6640








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