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Eileen Nebhut

Atlanta, GA

What an amazing gift you've given me! I feel very differently about my house now - and I feel that the place is more "me". All the time and work and questions that went into the "grand plan" really paid off. You have amazing talents and I am so happy that you've worked your mojo on my home!

Jack Poisson, Esq.

Asheville, NC

Your excellent suggestion two weeks ago to reorient our bed in our bedroom was a wonderful idea on many levels. I immediately trusted your intuition and followed your advice with gratifying results. It freed up much greater space immediately over my head, as I can be occasionally claustrophobic.

I feel a greater sense of ease and peacefulness in my sleep after ten years in the other configuration. I trust your Feng Shui skills and your deep intuition which strengthens them. 

I highly recommend you to anyone seeking better alignment with their environment.

Thank you.


Mary Elizabeth Nelson

Nashville, TN

I cherish all of the accurate and loving information you have enabled me to hear and understand. Once I canceled an appointment because I did not have a need to see you. I appreciated your loving answer which said "That is great because that means you are handling it on your own." How sweet and encouraging a reply from you that was.

May peace and joy kiss your heart.

Linda Mills, Studio Mills

Kingston Springs, TN

Yoga Studio wanting more Clients and Activity:

The real intention for doing feng shui for Studio Mills….I wanted more customers and increased prosperity in the business. With the experience, skills, and intuition of Carla’s feng shui and dowsing we have succeeded in changing the energy of Studio Mills. It has been a fascinating energetic adventure that leaves me hopeful and enthusiastic about the health of Studio Mills. I get compliments daily about the way the outside look and the yoga classes are full! 


Nashville, TN

Song Writer facing a Writer's Block:

Carla offered (what I thought was) a great appraisal of the situation in my house and made some insightful suggestions. She also uncovered things I didn't expect and performed clearing work. Whether or not it’s a cause and effect thing lies in the opinion of each person; however, all I know is my business picked up dramatically within weeks. Some positive changes also took place in my personal life. I would work with Carla again in a heartbeat. She’s smart, serious, and cares about what she does.

County Hospital


Hospital Patients are having trouble sleeping...

I work in a county hospital and asked Carla to look at the Feng Shui because our patients didn't seem able to sleep at all during the night. She checked in and did some shifting of the earth's energies. That very night, the patients slept more soundly and they continue to do so. They seem to feel better and the staff does as well! A general sense if dis-ease in the hospital seems to have gone away. We are truly grateful, Carla, for your impressive healing work with feng shui. Thank you!


Nashville, TN

Migraine Headaches:

In 2008, my then 8 year old was suffering from migraines. She would experience severe headaches and pain that caused her to get sick to her stomach and miss school, sleep-overs, camp for 2-3 days at a time - every 30 days. Her pediatrician sent her to a neurologist who offered little explanation except to say that it appeared to be a cyclical thing and maybe when she reached puberty, her hormones would change and the cycle might stop.


In August, 2011, Carla and I were discussing my daughter's condition and Carla felt that there was a connection to the energy in her room and under the house. After more discussion, Carla "moved the energy" (from 100 miles away). I can not explain what she did or how she did it, but Carla focused for about 10 minutes and addressed my daughter's situation.


Since August 2011, my daughter has not had a migraine, not even a headache. Without medicine, surgical procedures, therapy..., my daughter has been pain free and not missed a day of school. Carla has a special connection and ability to sense energy. She says we are all capable to doing the same thing, but I believe she has mastered it and is willing to share her ability and help others.

Thank you Carla

Hank Likens

Nashville, TN

Feeling Blah...

Carla thanks so very much for your time and talents today. I honestly feel better already. I do believe the back yard was a problem. I feel good having my little guard out there now. I can see him from my window while I work.  i am looking forward to making the changes and additions (as I can)  from my list. 

Car Wash

Brentwood, TN

Car Wash Owner desires Increased Sales...

We implemented the Feng Shui on May 1, 2015 and our business has had its Best May Sales Ever! Although my intellect doubted... I trusted Carla. When the feng shui was finished, strangely enough, the place felt different. And the proof came in the increase in traffic and revenue. And - I don't really see that changing any time soon! We ended up with increased revenues of 23% for the year.


Nahsville, TN

Major Shifts Needed:

That afternoon with Carla was one of the most amazing I've ever had. While I thought we'd be arranging my furniture, we spent most of our time outside the house dealing with some negative earth energy affecting the property. I felt a shift in the energy in and around my home even before Carla left that day. Bigger shifts in my health, finances, and creativity came soon as well. I'm still amazed at the scope of her work and the impact on my life and emotions. She is a truly gifted practitioner who put all of her many talents to work on my behalf. I'd welcome her back in a heartbeat. 

Linda O.

Nashville, TN

Transformed Spaces:

In a single consultation, Carla gave me a few critical suggestions that utterly transformed my experience - and my daughter's experience - of our home.  She treats each room as a new experiment in reviving the energy. I can't wait to continue co-creating with her.  


Grand Junction, CO

Money Worries:

I knew little about Feng Shui before working with Carla. She suggested she might be able to help when I talked with her about my stress levels and ongoing worries about money. This constant worry I didn't seem able to put aside regardless of how hard I worked at it. I had made some very positive changes in my life but still the worries persisted. After we worked together Carla made some suggestions which she thought might help. They all did help but the most dramatic thing that occurred was that within 48 hours I suddenly ceased to worry about money. It has been close to a year now and that pattern of worrying has not returned. Needless to say, that has been a very liberating experience! I can't say how very grateful I am to Carla for helping me. 

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